• Front view of purple Sugilite in Black Matrix held by hand
  • Back view of slab of purple Sugilite veins in Black Matrix, held in hand
  • Front View of Sugilite in Black Matrix held in hand 2
  • Back view of purple Sugilite in Black matrix held in hand 2

Sugilite on Matrix Slab of Empath Protection


Sugilite is a rare stone that was first discovered in 1944, in Japan. It also goes by the name of Luvulite and is characterized by a gorgeous violet hue. High in Manganese content, Sugilite can be helpful in easing headaches and neck tension. This piece consists of veins of purple Sugilite that flow throughout a black matrix, and is polished and smooth to the touch.

Sugilite is beneficial for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who absorb the energies of people, and the world, around them. This beautiful, purple mineral acts as a shield, protecting you from negative energy, attachments, and psychic attacks. It is even believed to release anger and grudges. When feeling alone, this stone reminds you of your Highest Purpose and gives you the spiritual wisdom of the Violet Ray.

Like Amethyst, Sugilite is believed to assist you in achieving more restful sleep and decrease the frequency of nightmares.

This piece will benefit anyone wanting to shield themselves from negative energy, especially Empaths. With an array of spiritual healing purposes, Sugilite is a must for any collection.

 Weight: 21g

Dimensions: 2.3 x 1.7 x 0.1 in.