• Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Front
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Polished Point in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Raw and Polished Sides in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Polished Face in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Polished Edge Above Raw Section
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Point and Inclusions in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Gorgeous Raw and Polished Edge Combined in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Raw Side in Detail
  • Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz Rough Point Up Close

Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz of Colossal Empowerment


In an incredible powerhouse of mineral magic, this Smokey Quartz brings together a pluming garden of minerals and giant rutiles (these are the largest rutiles I've ever seen in person) - plus, incredible RAINBOWS! It features the best of both worlds - polished elements that improve the clarity and feel of the piece and raw elements that leave the crystal's natural allure in tact. This is a large, self-standing display piece that is sure to bring about powerful growth and healing in your life.

Smokey Quartz is known for its immense grounding and protective qualities. It works on the Root Chakra to bring you down to Earth, and heal childhood traumas that shook your stability and trust in the world around you. It reminds you that you do not have to fight to survive or thrive.

Garden Quartz encourages you to pause and reflect on your life, as though it is a garden you must tend to. Every action you take, and every thought you have, has an impact on your reality. Prioritizing that which makes your life's garden grow abundantly and vibrantly, while pulling the invasive roots and energies out, is key.

Rutilated Quartz is said to shed light on the soul through its light reflecting qualities. This light permeates the spirit and shows you to yourself in ways that you never knew possible, giving you the opportunity to cleanse your energy, resolve your blockages, and heal your aura. You can move on from past experiences and let go of your fears.

Simply looking at this piece is a multi-dimensional and tantalizing experience for the soul. Every unique elements draws you in and you imagine that you shrink down to a small size, to go exploring in its depth. Visualizing climbing its rutiles sparks excitement and reminds you that are truly capable of achieving anything you desire - that the world is truly as magical as you want it to be. The rainbows shine brightly upon you and you are forever inspired to create the life you want to lead.

Place this Smokey Rutilated Garden Quartz in your home and tap into its abundant energy to walk the path of nurturing your Highest Good, while receiving Divine guidance, and staying grounded in your truth.

Dimensions: 5.2 x 2.9 x 2.8 in.

Weight: 822g