• Side of Silver Rutilated Quartz Tower on purple setting with pink dried flowers
  • Front of Silver Rutilated Quartz Tower with water droplets on crystal face
  • Close up of Silver Rutilated Quartz held in hand, on purple setting
  • Right side of Silver Rutilated Quartz set upon purple background with dried flowers
  • Back of Silver Rutilated Quartz Tower surrounded by dried flowers and plants
  • Back of Silver Rutile Quartz Tower held in hand, in front of purple and white setting
  • Side of Silver Rutile Quartz Tower held in hand and set on natural purple background

Silver Rutile Tower of Divine Light


Rutilated Quartz is characterized by an impressive inner world full of wispy, hair-like inclusions. Rutiles come in many different colors, like pink, orange, red, etc.; however, the rutiles in this Quartz Tower are silver, which establish a very peaceful and angelic energy. Silver Rutiles are more rare than Golden Rutiles.

Silver Rutilated Quartz is a stone of empowerment, personal strength, and manifestation. Light reflects off the silver Rutiles, shining light on the direction in which you are meant to go, as well as amplifying positive energy in your life. Rutilated Quartz pierces through energy blockages and balances the Chakras, to bring about stress and anxiety relief. 

If you are seeking motivation and willpower, as well as guidance on the direction of your life, this Silver Rutilated Quartz Tower may be perfect for you. This piece will amplify your thoughts and intentions - if used properly, it can assist you in bringing your dreams into reality.

Weight: 206g

Dimensions: 2.2 x 1.5 x 2.6