• Flashing Labradorite Freeform on Spiritual display
  • Vibrant Labradorite Freeform compared to hand
  • Prismatic Labradorite Freeform Held in Hand
  • Deep Purples and Oranges of Labradorite Freeform Held in Hand

Self-Standing Labradorite of Magic Reflection

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 Labradorite, is known for its iridescent display of vibrant colors when rotated to catch and reflect light. Because this stone is so reflective, it is suggested you cleanse it in running water and leave it out under the glow of the full moon.

This powerful crystal is perfect for seeking resolution and for breaking patterns and habits through reflection and deeper understanding.

Labradorite is great for grounding spiritual energy and increasing intuition, making Labradorite an excellent companion when working with magic and deepening your understanding of the occult. If you are hungry to strengthen your intuitive abilities, let this Labradorite Freeform guide you deeper into your practice.

When you adopt this crystal, it will benefit your metaphysical practice, increase your spiritual awareness and bring light and dark together in perfect harmony.


Weight: 600g

Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.1 x 1.5 in.