• Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front Left
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Right Side
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front in Detail
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Left Side
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front Left

Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower of Angelic Blooms


Filled with golden rutiles and an array of colorful minerals, this Rutilated Garden Quartz tower expresses one of the most magical inner ecosystems I have ever seen in a crystal before. It is impossible not to be taken into a world of imagination and wonder when exploring its one of a kind characteristics - you truly find something new every time you look inside. Rutiles dance around, bouncing light off of their bright golden surfaces and plumes of minerals appear as though they are floating up and away from the bottom of the tower. It is a unique example of the Earth's processes pictured frozen in time.

Rutilated Quartz are believed throughout the metaphysical community to be the go to crystal for communicating with your Angels. The rutiles are reminiscent of Angel hair glimmering in the sunshine. It cleanses the aura of negativity and energizes the body, allowing for dis-ease to be released and past curses to be broken. Garden Quartz serves as a reminder that you must let go of what does not grow you, and plant the seeds for the reality that does. You are in control of your future and so much synchronicity awaits you, but you must be willing to clear your mind of the weeds, and replace them with empowering thoughts and visions. Garden Quartz is the best crystal companion for doing so.

Healing Properties Meditation:

You find that you have been lost for awhile, unsure of what next step to take to bring your goals to fruition. Your inner voice has been clouded by doubts, external fears, and over-stimulation by a busy, bustling world; however, you sychronistically find the answers you seek in this Golden Rutilated Garden Quartz tower. Picking it up in your hand, you ask the crystal to connect you to your Angels and the divine energy of the universe. Immediately, the stress and worries of your day to day life fall away and you emerge into a completely new, far brighter state of being. Everything is glowing and information flows through you as if it is being translated directly to you. It feels as though you were never disconnected from your truth. It was there all along - simply awaiting illumination. The answers are clear and you begin to shed the doubts that kept you small for so long. You vividly SEE yourself embodying the person you want to be, the person you know lives within you. Imagining your mind blooming into flowers, you make new connections that map out your path. You breathe in a state of calming peace and awareness. No more fear, only courage. You are here now.

Weight: 54g

Dimensions: 46.5 x 38 x 23mm