• Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Front Right
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Right Side
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Back
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Left Side
  • Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower Left Side in Detail

Rutilated Garden Quartz Tower of Cosmic Understanding


Like the shooting stars in the night sky, this Golden Rutilated Garden Quartz is a sight to behold. This material is rare and unlikely to be found anywhere else. The numerous Rutiles present in this crystal tower are bound to bring you peace, ease your mind, and instill a sense of gratitude in your spirit. They shine and glimmer from within an abundant mineral landscape that is truly reminiscent of a garden in a magical land.

By bringing this crystal into your healing and metaphysical practice, you encourage spiritual growth and Angelic guidance to enter your life with ease. Negativity disperses and ill intentions being placed onto you by others, are blocked. Garden Quartz also opens your eyes to the thoughts and beliefs you carry that are holding you back from living your ultimate Highest Truth. In your awareness, you begin to replace those thoughts and beliefs with seeds of love, growth, understanding, and wisdom, so as to nurture the garden of your mind - where all the ideas develop that have the power to manifest in your reality.

It is essential to ensure that your thoughts are ones you want to see occur in your life. Through the power of manifestation, you have the ability to change EVERYTHING. Bring this crystal into your life to nurture yourself and protect you on your path to your Divine Purpose.

Weight: 54g