• A beautiful fusion of sandstone and magic, rounded by the forces of the earth, displayed between thumb and forefinger over a purple background.
  • A round Shaman Stone, delicately presented with over a purple and white background covered in dried flowers.

Round Shaman Stone of Sacred Divination


Shaman Stones are a combination of Sandstone formed in the wilds of Utah. Used for centuries by the Navajo people, these stones can ground your divine energy, heal ailments in the body and be used as a tool to communicate with ancestors and the dead.

When used for Astral Projection, Shaman Stones can operate both as an anchor point, binding you to your physical body. It also enacts a deeper connection to your intuition.

Holding this stone in your hand as you enter Shavasana, allow the energy in your body to increase and gather in the center of your body, from your tail bone to the top of your skull. Feel the divine vibration emanate from the stone in your hand, either hand, and let it urge the energy building within your body to increase further. Merging with the vast energy system beneath you and around you. Surround yourself with a vibrant white light that does not allow anything to cross its borders. Rise up, away from your physical form, and celebrate the reality that you just reunited with your Astral Self.

Upon adopting this stone, you will have access to a very grounded charge and feel a potent shift of awareness in your life. Enjoy the newfound lightness of a spiritual awakening and allow this stone to shape, and reshape, your journeys to the Astral Plane.

Weight: 85g 

Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.6 in.