• Raw Lemurian Quartz Bottom Held in Hand
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Top Point Side Down
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Upside Down from Above
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Top Held in Hand from Above
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Edges in Detail from Above
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Edges in Shard Detail Held in Hand
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Back and Bottom in Detail
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Laid Flat Polished Edges
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Edges Shown in Detail from Below
  • Raw Lemurian Quartz Bottom and Edges shown in Detail from the Side

Raw Lemurian Quartz Point of Hidden Mystery


Natural and raw, this Lemurian Quartz point exudes the energy of an old soul with valuable knowledge to share. It fits perfectly in your hand, where you are able to access its powerful wisdom and absorb its balancing power. The Lemurian steps on the side facets of this Quartz point are defined and striking, inciting a deep desire to rub each finger along them and reach a state of enlightenment and peace.

Legend says that Lemurian Quartz was programmed with the wisdom of the lost, ancient civilization of Lemuria. After programming, they buried the Quartz to be discovered in the future, so as to grant us access to all the incredible, healing things they knew. Without a doubt, Lemurian Quartz has a plethora of lessons and knowledge to share with those that intentionally connect with its energy.

As the 'Master Healer' of all minerals, Clear Quartz carries immense amplification properties that will raise the vibration of everything in its presence. Your crystals, your personal vibration, the attitude of your peers - all is impacted by the power of this crystal. Important to note is its ability to create a spiritual receptiveness within you that sets the stage for your highest transformation. All your Chakras resonate with Crystal Quartz - it brings harmony and balance to each one, leaving you feeling open, refreshed, revitalized, and capable.

Healing Properties Meditation

Given your ability to create your reality and shift your perspective via thought, you recognize the inherent power that lies within you. With this Lemurian Quartz point as your crystal companion, your awareness of all that is already yours grows stronger. You reach out into the ethers, knock on the door of the universe, and ask to be granted access to the information of peace, love, and healing that the people of Lemuria left behind for you, for the world. Light activates the Quartz point and it begins to vibrate. It warms the palm of your hand and the Light travels up your arm, where it meets your heart. From there, it moves up to your Third Eye and Crown Chakras, cracks them open, and wisdom pours into you like a flowing river. You awaken to your truth, your higher power. NOW, you move forward with joyous momentum, illuminated by your connectedness to the network of consciousness that flows through all.

Weight: 227g

Dimensions: 110.5 x 34.5 x 46mm