• Smokey Quartz point with the tip facing to the left on a purple background laying behind Ivy.
  • Smokey Quartz Point held upright with its rainbows shimmering on the right side in front of a purple background
  • Rare Ron Coleman Smokey Quartz of Earth Elements
  • Lemurian-like etchings and the matrix of a Ron Coleman Smokey Quartz Point.
  • A vivid photograph of a Ron Coleman Smokey Quartz held in the hand over a purple background.

Rare Ron Coleman Smokey Quartz of Earth Elements


This is another extremely rare Ron Coleman Smokey Quartz - all Ron Coleman pieces available for purchase in Amarisland originated from a single dig in Arkansas, circa 1968. Natural Smokey Quartz hasn't ever been found in Arkansas, making this specimen a rare find. Most Smokey Quartz found in Arkansas is irradiated to create the the darkened effect.

As the national stone of Scotland, this magical stone was used as a Stone of Power, used by the Druids. According to the Druids, Smokey Quartz was a stone used to guide souls to the Afterlife.

Smoky Quartz is the most efficient crystal for cleansing your life of negativity. Negativity that inhabits your Spirit will be absorbed into your Smoky Quartz and converted into a higher frequency, or taken from you to be absorbed by the earth. This is an excellent crystal to protect your from unwanted entities and psychic attacks. Furthermore, Smokey Quartz energy amplifies guidance from the spirit world, while grounding you and allowing you to deepen your meditation practice. It increases your ability to scry and shield you from harm.

NOTE: As it is a conduit for negativity, Smokey Quartz should be cleansed with Palo Santo or bathed in Sunlight as frequently as you use it.

Weight: 31g

Dimensions: 2.7 x 0.7 x 0.7 in.