• Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Front
  • Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Back
  • Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Point in Detail
  • Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Right Side
  • Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Right Side
  • Polished Phantom Quartz Tower Up Close in Detail

Polished Phantom Quartz Tower of Transparent Reflection


Phantoms are the most defining characteristic present in this lovable Phantom Quartz Tower. Not only are there a numerous amount of Phantoms visible in this crystal, but a magnetic force can also be felt from within. It is electrifying to hold this piece, or even just peer into its transparent inner world. Light is magnified and bounces around playfully, creating rainbows that can only occur through a crystal of this powerful clarity.

Crystal, or Clear, Quartz is the the greatest healer when it comes to clearing negativity and amplifying energy. When I say 'amplifying energy', I mean that it has the capability of strengthening not only your energy, but also the energy of everything around you (including all your other crystals)! Therefore, you will find that pairing Clear Quartz with one or two crystals of another type will enhance your meditation practice and give power to their programmed purpose. Clear Quartz is an all around, multi-purpose healing stone that will balance and clear each and every chakra. You aura is is sure to radiate vibrantly when doing energy work with Crystal Quartz.

Learn more about Phantoms, like how they are formed and what they mean metaphysically, to gain a deeper look into how this crystal can complement your life and practice.

Healing Properties Meditation:

Imagine your most empowered, healthiest, and vibrant self. What does it look like? Maybe you are living the life you always wanted, traveling all around the world, following your heart's work and passion. Maybe you are the strongest and most physically fit you have ever been, and chronic illness or pain can no longer take hold of you. Whatever the vision is, picture it clearly in your mind and open your heart to the fact that it can, indeed, be your reality. With every thought you have, you send out waves of energy into the Universe to let it know what you want to manifest. With this Clear Quartz Phantom Tower crystal, you are able to access the power to amplify your goals and dreams. You program it with your intentions and see its core light up with an abundance of light energy. Remembering that your thoughts have immense power, you begin to speak your vision out loud - being very clear and very specific in what you wish to achieve. It appears right before your eyes, and as you watch it play out in front of you, you feel great confidence in your ability to make it a reality. Your past doubts and fears diminish and no longer hold power over you. You are enlivened and empowered. You now set off to live that life you always dreamed.

Weight: 109g

Dimensions: 66 x 35.5 x 29mm