• Red Lepidolite Mountain Front
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Back
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Front Point in Detail
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Back Point in Detail
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Back and Sides Held in Hand
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Edges in Detail
  • Red Lepidolite Mountain Back in Detail

Pink and Red Lepidolite Mountain of Elevated Peace


Definitely not your average raw Lepidolite - this stunning, shiny mountain is uniquely colored, gracing your eyes with pink and red hues that are not frequently found in Lepidolite. When held up to the light, fire reds peek through the lilac pink, adding a firey element to an otherwise peaceful stone. Layers upon layers are built upon one another, causing it to realistically resemble a majestic mountain top.

Lepidolite is well-known for its efficient ability to relieve stress, lessen anxiety, and ease depression. It targets the mood in a gentle and nurturing manner that shows you its okay to feel sad or worried, but also that you do not have to stay there. It is an intellectual stone that fuels conscious thought, leading you to make decisions and take actions that are only for your Highest Good.

Experiencing the unique shine and colors of this pink and red raw Lepidolite immediately inspires a relaxed state in which your heart rate decreases. Your shoulders loosen and move down and away from ears. Your jaw releases and your worries begin to slip away. Your awareness shifts to the recognition that you have more control over your thoughts and emotions, and your anxiety dissipates. The beauty of life is brightly reflected through this Lepidolite Mountain and you suddenly realize that life is inherently magical in many ways, and your sadness gently turns to gratitude and joy. Your life is changed by your new perspective and you feel a heavy weight leave your shoulders. You are lighter now. You are at peace.

Using this one of a kind Lepidolite, relieve tension and soothe your emotional states, so you may approach life from a calm and well-informed place, and take control of your mind and emotions.

Dimensions5.4 x 4.5 x 2.1 in.

Weight: 918g