• Small Quartz tower with Green Chlorite Phantom, held in the hand
  • Small Quartz Phantom Tower on purple background with dried flowers
  • Closeup of small Green Chlorite Quartz Phantom Tower held in the hand
  • Back view of Quartz Tower with Chlorite Phantoms on purple background and greenery

Phantom Green Chlorite Quartz Tower of Universal Awareness


Phantom Quartz is one of my favorite phenomena in the mineral kingdom. Phantoms are special formations in which a crystal formed over, and around, an already existing crystal - the result is ghost-like crystal layers that appear within the primary point. Green Phantom Quartz stands out among the rest, as its green Chlorite mineral inclusions allow for total visibility of the phantom crystals inside. 

This Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz point is the perfect size to be brought along on your daily adventures, and even to be placed in a crystal grid. If you are interested in transforming yourself, from the inside out, and discovering the core of your inner truth, Phantom Quartz makes an excellent crystal companion. 

If you want to open the doors of self-healing and dive deep within yourself to understand the messages your body is telling you, Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz can be of assistance. Only you can truly hear and feel exactly what is going on in your subtle, and physical, bodies - it is essential that we give precedent to our intuitive voice during the healing process.

Find strength, clarity, healing, and inner/outer transformation by adding this special piece to your collection and ritual healing practices.

Weight: 21g

Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 0.7 in.