• Morion Quartz Cluster Front in Detail
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Left Side in Detail
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Left Side
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Back
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Front in Detail
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Right Side
  • Morion Quartz Cluster Front and Bottom

Morion Quartz Cluster of Heart Grounding


Morion Quartz is a very rare Black Quartz that is distinctly characterized by its naturally dark black hues and frequent combination with raw minerals, like Green Chlorite and Dolomite. This Morion Quartz cluster is dusted with pastel Green Chlorite along the base of the crystals, while the primary faces of the terminations all remain clear of any inclusions. A small section of the base features a patch of pink Dolomite, adding to its unique beauty. As can be seen in the photographs, this piece is completely self standing and features about 7 or 8 additional points growing along the surface of the main point. A cluster of record keepers can be seen on the left most point, poking out from underneath a heavy coating of Chlorite.

While many crystals of the Smokey Quartz variety are irradited to achieve a deep black color, Morion Quartz is unique in that it has been naturally irradiated by the Earth. The color you see here is 100% natural.

As a member of the Smokey Quartz family, this Morion Quartz family invites you to gaze into it like the night sky and ground yourself in its healing power. Activating your Root Chakra, it increases your vitality and strengthens your trust not only in yourself, but also in your life path. You feel safe and protected, and stress falls away from you like dust in the wind. In collaboration with Green Chlorite, this crystal family awakens your heart, connecting your Heart to your Root in a direct line and softening your Heart, as your Root finds stability and understanding for all that you are and all that you have experienced. Anger is softened and grudges released. Dolomite assists the green Chlorite in opening your heart and you feel as though you can touch the love that exists all around you. Patience fills your soul and creativity is heightened, to the point in which visions of creation are projected in your mind's eye. You find that loneliness no longer plagues you and your anxiety is directly calmed. Your heart slows to a steady and relaxed pace. You are at peace.

Become one with all of existence and root yourself into a place of love, stability, vitality, passion, and joy. Let go of anger and trauma. Be your Highest Self by inviting this Morion Quartz family into your life.

Weight: 290g

Dimensions: 88 x 61 x 51mm