• Mini Faceted Clear Quartz Gems Front
  • Mini Faceted Clear Quartz Gems Clustered Together
  • Mini Faceted Clear Quartz Gems from Above

Mini Faceted Clear Quartz Gems of Manifestation


Much like the large Clear Quartz Faceted Gems here in Amarisland, these mini versions carry a powerful, distinct vibration of amplification and manifestation. Their small size makes them perfect for portable energy amplification, as well as positivity enhancement and negativity protection. They can fit comfortably in your pocket (or in your bra) and will also amplify the energy of any other crystals that you choose to carry along with it. Light shines magically through every angle of the facets on these gems and sometimes, they cast rainbows if the conditions are right.

Healing Properties Meditation

With a mini Faceted Quartz Gem in the palm of your left hand, set your mind's eye and intention, on the energy and experience you want to receive. Select any other crystals that are in alignment with your purpose and lay them out in front of you. Recognize your ability to shift your reality through the power of thought and visualization, and begin to breathe deeply. Paint the picture of your intention across the surface of your consciousness. What does it look like? Be as specific as you can in visualizing what you are manifesting, so every detail becomes crystal clear. Continue breathing and leave any negativity, or doubt, behind you. The Clear Quartz charges up with the vibration of your intention and builds the positive energy surrounding you. It activates the other crystals in your meditation and you feel the energy emanating from them, too. Raising your own vibration, your awareness of your infinite power to create the life you dream grows and you call in all that you need to begin your journey to your soul's Highest Purpose. All that you need is within you now.

Weight: 20g

Dimensions: ~ 31 x 24 x 21mm