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Koshi Chimes: Earth, Water, Air, Fire

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Acting as musical instruments, these chimes play melodies sweet and pure, which penetrate the spirit in a soft and joyful way. They can be played by hand, or set outside to be nudged by the wind.

These beautiful chimes are made of bamboo veneer that is treated with ecological oil. They are manufactured at the base of the Pyrenean Mountains with sound and healing in mind.

There are 4 different melodies inspired by the 4 elements: Terra (Earth), Aqua (Water), Aria (Air) , and Ignis (Fire).

Terra plays G C E F G C E G

Aqua plays A D F G A D F A

Aria plays A C E A B C E B

Ignis plays G B D G B D G A

Select which melody/element you want to adopt via the drop down menu.

*Limited Quantity*