• Green Opal Freeform Front Right Side
  • Green Opal Freeform Back Side in Detail
  • Green Opal Freeform Left Side in Detail
  • Green Opal Freeform Front Right in Detail
  • Green Opal Freeform Left Side in Detail

Green Opal Freeform of Spiritual Perspective


A palette of colors lay gently on the surface of this Green Opal Freeform - pastel, yet vibrant, it is a beautiful representation of Mother Earth as an artist. Purple, red, brown, orange, and magenta swirl in various patterns upon a base of bright green, soothing the eyes and awakening the mind.

As a result of its naturally soft energy, Green Opal is believed to be immensely supportive in times of stress, fear, and grief. It wraps you in a warm hug, eases your worry, and gives your heart room to feel and grow. Because of its water elements, Green Opal is also useful when seeking more positive and fulfilling relationships - this includes all types of relationships, not just romantic ones. Furthermore, if you find yourself run by intense emotions and feelings, Green Opal can balance them out and allow you to view them objectively, so you may utilize them for progress, rather than become stuck in them. Creativity is sparked when in the presence of this stone and can be useful in providing inspiration to those who may feel creatively blocked.

Healing Properties Meditation

Picture yourself gazing at the surface of this Green Opal Freeform. It sits directly in front of you on your crystal table and is the focal point of them all. It is close enough to touch and follow the patterns with your fingertips, yet you choose to use only your eyes to trace the flowing movement of color. As you sink deeper and deeper into its visual beauty, you begin to imagine yourself as though you ARE the crystal. Now, you have the perspective of the Green Opal - you see yourself in your human form, staring back at you. Naturally, you begin to feel the love and adoration that the world has for you - you are magical and make people feel good. Your loving Heart Energy is inherent within you and it permeates you with energy that people around you can viscerally feel. Seeing as you now have the capability to transmute energy and provide a sense of calming relief to your environment, you recognize your worthiness and just how powerful you truly are. Gratitude pours into your heart as you recognize your oneness with all things . You gaze back at yourself and develop an unconditional love for what/who you see sitting in front you. Then, your perspective shifts and you are brought back into your own body, holding a greater love and respect for yourself than you've ever known.

Weight: 217g

Dimensions: 70 x 61.5 x 42mm