• Soft yellows and deep greens of a garden quartz included with green chlorite held over a purple heart.
  • Beautiful phantom and vivid green chlorite included Garden Quartz help gently in the hand
  • Vibrant rainbows captured on the clear and vivid facets of this green chlorite included garden quartz
  • Rainbows and green chlorite visible amidst the matrix of quartz captured on this Lodolite stone held over a purple background with dried flowers scattered artfully

Green Chlorite Garden Quartz Point of Secret Wonder

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Garden Quartz is a type of included quartz that comes in every color and size. It is often used to practice meditation and can aid in communication with beings on the spiritual plane. This stone, powerfully included with Chlorite, can bring energy into your life and enhance your ability to manifest your desires.

This particular stone is great for healing specific areas of your body, and can help protect your body from radiation.

This stone encourages hopefulness and optimism by channeling high frequency soul energy into your physical and energetic systems. Quartz can reveal patterns from previous lives that currently affect your emotions and well-being.

Quartz can access hidden parts of yourself, your soul history, and accelerate your inner progress, opening your chakras. Garden Quartz assists emotional healing and is known as the stone of power - able to amplify your energy and intention, expanding your awareness, and can help release your inner-child.

Weight: 38g

Dimensions1.7 x 1.3 x 0.9 in.