• Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz Front
  • Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz Front Rutiles in Detail
  • Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz Front Point Rutiles in Detail
  • Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz Back Point in Detail
  • Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz Front Point from Above

Golden Rutilated Phantom Quartz of Angelic Guidance


An abundance of Golden Rutiles AKA 'Angel Hairs' shine gloriously throughout this high grade, Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal. Amidst the light reflecting Rutiles are a number of white phantoms that tell the incredible story of the formation of this piece. In its history, before this crystal was in its current form, multiple crystals began forming before it; however, something disrupted their growth and new minerals washed over to begin the formation of yet another crystal. As you can see by the number of visible Phantoms, this process occurred many times over the course of millions of years.

Rutiles are primarily composed of titanium dioxide and grow in a needle-like shape. Many people like to call them 'Angel Hairs', for their uncanny similarity to hair that is locked in time. For this reason, metaphysical healing suggests Rutilated Quartz is a powerful mineral for connecting you to your Angels and finding your divine purpose. It is also helpful when addressing decision fatigue and decision making. Additionally, Phantoms are excellent for reaching into our past, especially past lives, and discovering the source of traumas so they can be healed. They also let us know that its okay to accept past versions of ourselves and view them as building blocks on the path to becoming who we are now.

Using this Golden Rutilated Quartz crystal, allow yourself to be receptive to the guidance of your Angels and Higher Power, so you may view your journey from a place of clarity and flow, while finding acceptance for your past and moving forward in a healed state.

Weight: 61g

Dimensions: 60 x 32 x 28.5mm