• Ultimate Gemini Zodiac Crystal Set + Orange Calcite & Black Tourmaline

Ultimate Gemini Zodiac Crystal Set + Orange Calcite & Black Tourmaline


Gemini Season Crystal Set - complementing the energy of the Gemini perfectly, while also being useful to all zodiac signs in, and out, of Gemini season.

You will receive ONE (1) of each crystal in the photo.

Black Tourmaline - Releases self-limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns.

Tiger's Eye - Strengthens Gemini determination by enhancing mental clarity and judgment.

Orange Calcite - Aligns actions and will with thoughts, while increasing self-worth, vitality, and creativity.

Citrine - Enhances visualization and focus, clears negativity, and empowers the Solar Plexus for a brighter disposition.

Serpentine - Activates the Crown Chakra, and opens up communication with the Angelic realm and higher self; arouse kundalini energy and clears Chakra blockages

Apophyllite - Reduces stress, enhances mindfulness, and stimulates the intuition.

Chrysoprase - Stabilizes the emotions and balances out the Heart Chakra, bringing about love and abundance.

Raw Emerald - Brings good luck and harmony, encourages unconditional love, increases spirituality, and calms the mind.

Blue Kyanite - Balances yin and yang energy, facilitates authentic communication and self expression, and raises consciousness.