• Garden Quartz Point Front
  • Garden Quartz Point Front in Detail
  • Garden Quartz Point Left Side Point
  • Garden Quartz Point Right Side of Point
  • Garden Quartz Point Back
  • Garden Quartz Point Back in Detail

Garden Quartz Point of Inner Ecosystems


Green Chlorite and dustings of Lepidolite plume gracefully throughout this large, colorful Brazilian Garden Quartz point. An entire ecosystem of minerals encourage you to look inside and intentionally get lost in its world. This crystal is the perfect size for gazing, whether just sitting on your shelf, or held in your hand to get a closer look. As can be seen by picture 3, the shapings of a second (twin) crystal adds dimension to its already beautiful shape.

Chlorite carries a heart opening energy that invites love, compassion, and forgiveness into your life. Negativity is challenged by its soft, joyful energy and chaos soothed. Lepidolite is known for its powerful association with calming anxiety and depression. When using it for its healing properties, Lepidolite dissipates tension as it activates the Heart, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. The energy of these minerals are amplified by the Quartz they are encased in, making this crystal a powerful Heart Opener.

Healing Properties Meditation

You feel your heart beating under the pressure of anger and sadness - you've carried the weight for too long and you accept that it is time to let it go. It is time to be free. Imagine yourself holding this Heart Opening Garden Quartz point in your left hand, as your right hand gently makes contact with the Earth. You vividly recall the event, or feeling, that locked you in your pain and prevented you from loving as deeply as you know you are capable of. It is a dark cloud above you ready to rain on your day at any moment. As you gaze at this cloud, you look just beyond it and see the sun's rays shining behind it, attempting to reach you. Suddenly, the cloud morphs into a big bird, flapping its wings erratically, allowing the sun to gently peek through and kiss your skin. The bird then begins to fly away - out into the distance, bringing its shadow with it. It gets smaller and smaller, until it flies completely out of your sight. The sun directly touches your skin, sharing its warmth and light. It travels through your Crown and permeates the entirety of your body. Cold darkness leaves from your right hand as it taken over by light - absorbed by the Earth to be transmuted. Your Heart shines bright, no longer captive by your pain.

Be free from your traumas and be empowered by your ability to grow. Using this crystal, find strength in your experiences to become a more loving, grounded, heart centered, compassionate soul.

Weight: 425g

Dimensions: 57 x 76 x 86