• A single terminated quartz point with a mass of phantoms collected on the top.
  • Several groups of phantoms seen clearly in this beautiful quartz point amidst dried flowers.
  • Many rainbows captured in this quartz point standing upright on a purple platform, surrounded by dried flowers.
  • The clearest side of a garden quartz point loaded with rainbows and phantoms.

Garden Quartz Point of Cloudy Skies


This tall, Clear Quartz Point is gently included with Iron and Chlorite and packed with phantoms. There is a group of phantoms near the base, while another, separate group of phantoms collects in the termination.

Phantoms found in Quartz always represent the healing power within the Earth. Whatever is hidden prior to adopting this crystal will be gently revealed and unlock the many layers of your SELF.

Although the journey of healing and self discovery can be treacherous, bringing up past trauma and unearthing the unknown aspects of yourself challenges your current identity and replaces it with your newfound truth.

As a collector, these Phantoms will thrill you under direct light. If you plan to use this Crystal Quartz as a tool for meditation or healing, let your natural intuition guide you inward to reach into the hearts and minds of others, and produce true healing, brought on by the power of love.

Weight: 45g

Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 0.9 in.