• Green Fibrous Malachite Front
  • Green Fibrous Malachite Back in Detail
  • Green Fibrous Malachite Bathed in Sunlight
  • Green Fibrous Malachite Detail from Below
  • Green Fibrous Malachite from Above
  • Green Fibrous Malachite Back
  • Green Fibrous Malachite Top in Detail

Fibrous Malachite of True Healing


This Malachite is Malachite in one of its most natural forms - it goes by the name of Fibrous Malachite and grows in needle/blade like fibrous formations. Jam packed with sparkle and colored in the most vibrant hue of green, this crystal is excellent for awakening your Heart Chakra and getting lost in its dimensional beauty during meditation. This Fibrous Malachite is unique in that when it is sitting, it is reminiscent of a mountain top; perhaps what is MOST unique is the fact that it is also similarly shaped to a heart - quite synchronistic considering this mineral's potent connection to the Heart Chakra.

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Add this heart-shaped Malachite to your crystal collection to open and balance your Heart Chakra, and invite love and powerful healing into your life. True healing begins when you face all emotions head on and this crystal will support you in doing so.

Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.7 x 2.2 in.

Weight: 188g