• Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Right Side
  • Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Bottom Point Detail
  • Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Left Side
  • Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Left Side from Below
  • Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Right Side bathed in Sunlight
  • Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Held in Hand

Double Terminated Smokey Quartz Point of Forgiving Consciousness


Given its perfect, yet unique shape, this Smokey Quartz crystal is energetically and physically meant to do deep healing work through the body's inherent ability to absorb energy through the hands. It expresses a deep, dark hue of color, which is a common characteristic of many of the most grounding and protective stones around. When held in the light, however, this Smokey Quartz crystal becomes translucent and softens in color, allowing you to see into its magical inner workings. Tiny rainbows can be seen throughout if the circumstances are right.

Smokey Quartz healing properties include clearing of negativity, protection from bad entities/energy and psychic attack, as well as the balancing of the Root Chakra. Balancing the Root Chakra allows for one to accept forgiveness of others and their past, release grudges, and feel safe in their environment and existence.

Healing Properties Meditation

If there is something you are currently holding onto that hurts you, makes you angry, or poisons your peace, take this moment to acknowledge it. Reflect on what created it and the day it took hold. As you do so, you begin to feel the visceral emotions that you experienced then. Watch the pain and emotions become a physical ball of roots that latch onto your inner world. Analyze and face the impact it has had on you - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Is it destructive? Is it festering? More importantly, does it do you any good? After spending a minute or so facing the darkness you were once afraid to look at, begin to shrink it down into a tiny sphere. Visualize its roots becoming weak and releasing their grip on you. Breathe deeply as the dark energy escapes through your Root Chakra and hands - it is absorbed by the Smokey Quartz crystal to be carried away from you and cleared. Feel as your mind lets down its guard, signaling the body that it is safe to relax. You are released from the poisonous grips of your past. Float on.

Release spiritual and physical blockages, and gather support in your healing, through rooting into the Earth. Open yourself up to a more positive life and accept forgiveness into your heart by using this crystal in your healing/meditation practice.

Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 2 in.

Weight: 369g