• Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Front
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Right
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Left
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Right in Detail
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point from Above

Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point of Shifting Paradigms


Lemurian Quartz is said to carry the ancient knowledge and wisdom of the the lost civilization of Lemuria. According to legend, these Quartz points were programmed with information to be utilized by future peoples and seeded into the earth for retrieval. Colombian Lemurian Quartz, in specific, have beautiful clarity and often express vibrant rainbows.

A sweet little point is found forming on the root of the main crystal, giving this Colombian Lemurian Quartz the energy of the 'Teacher' and 'Leader'. Utilizing this piece in your healing and meditation practices brings about a sense of responsibility, shining light on the ways in which you can pass down knowledge to future generations and be a messenger for a better world. Furthermore, as the 'Master Healer' of all crystals, Quartz is excellent for balancing out all areas of your body and life, as well as dispelling negative energy.

Begin your spiritual transformation and work as a leader, by accessing the wisdom granted to you via this crystal.

Weight: 32g

Dimensions: 64.5 x 23 x 16mm