• Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Edges in Detail
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Right Side
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point from Above
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Above Bottom in Detail
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point in Detail
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Back
  • Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point Front in Detai

Colombian Lemurian Quartz Point of Ancient Wisdom


With some of the steepest and most defined Lemurian banding/steps, this Colombian Lemurian Quartz point carries the most magical, wise energy of any other I've seen. The termination is set in a shape that is perfect for the placement of your thumb, making it an excellent stone to act as a mini wand and direct energy wherever you desire. Due to this shape, this piece would serve well as a healing tool for ailments located in specific areas of the body. By programming it with an intention, it can be used to send light into any spaces it is needed and address any dis-ease that may exist there. Rainbows glimmer throughout the body of the point, giving it an extra bit of magic and power, in relation to healing the body of past traumas and utilizing your experiences for growth.

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Colombian Lemurian Quartz Healing Properties Meditation

Sit, or lay, in a comfortable position, in an area where there are little to no distractions. Relax your body and do your best to clear your mind of any redundant thoughts and mental chatter. Breathe slowly and deeply until you feel the stress of your day melting away. Pinpoint the areas of your body in which you feel pain or tension. Choose one spot to focus your energy on and begin to breathe specifically into that space. As you breathe in, you fill the pain with light, alleviating energy that permeates the place it lives. As you breathe out, you exhale the trauma, or dark energy, that once resided there. Continue to do this until the space is full of warm, golden rays of light. Allow any memories or thoughts to rise up to the surface, so as to nurture them with love and forgiveness. In this moment, you accept that it is okay to let go of the pain once and for all. Continue to do this with any areas you feel you carry trauma, or physical pain.

Welcome in balance, directed energy, and the wisdom necessary for the progression of your life and healing path by adding this one of a kind, Colombian Lemurian Quartz point to your collection.

Weight: 40g

Dimensions: 57.5 x 36.5 x 19mm