• Clear Quartz Sphere Front
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Top
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Bottom Inclusions
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Held in Hand
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Bottom
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Bottom Inclusions in Detail.

Clear Quartz Sphere of Master Amplification


A vision of delight and beauty - not only does this Clear Quartz sphere carry the metaphysical properties of energy amplification, it also amplifies your view of the world through its optically clear surfaces. The clarity of this crystal sphere is rare and worthy of admiration, and allows you to see the world in a brand new way.

The perspective shift that occurs when holding this piece up to your environment is a beautiful reminder that not all is always what it seems and reality is subjective! It encourages you to open your mind to the possibilities that exist around you at all times. Sometimes, when you feel stuck, a simple change in perspective can get things moving again.

If you seek a new perspective, balance, and spiritual growth, this high quality Clear Quartz sphere will be a powerful companion.

Weight: 266g

Dimensions: 57.6mm