• Clear Quartz Sphere Front
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Bottom
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Top in Detail
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Rainbow Close Up
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Bottom in Detail
  • Clear Quartz Sphere Rainbow in Detail

Clear Quartz Sphere of Conscious Clarity


This Clear Quartz Sphere features one of the most vibrant rainbows, seated just below it's reflective surface. Rainbows in crystals are the product of fractures that occurred naturally during its formation. Thus, rainbows remind us that our imperfections are what make us whole and allow us space to accept our flaws.

Clear Quartz has the metaphysical ability to amplify all energy, increasing the manifestation power of your thoughts. Quartz is known as the 'Master Healer' - paired with this sphere's weight and size, this treasure makes for a great tool for you to hold while meditating and clearing negativity.

If you are looking to add beauty to your crystal collection, this piece will sit perfectly amidst your other earth babies, while amplifying all of their energies and healing capabilities, too.

Imagine having the weight of this perfectly shaped sphere, held in your dominant hand, grounding you to your body as you breathe in and out. Envision your spirit becoming your exhale and trust that you are powerfully grounded to this stone as you enter the singular consciousness that connects all things. Breathe in, and feel the weight and energy released from this sphere charge your atoms with life. Exhale, and know you are one; know you are enough.

Weight: 261g

Dimensions: 57.2mm