• Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Front
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Left Side in Detail
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Back
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Back in Detail
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Top in Detail
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Droozy in Detail
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Bottom in Detail
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Top Section
  • Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation Top Edge in Detail

Cave Calcite and Goethite Formation of Spiritual Expansion


In a union of light and dark, Root and Crown, this gorgeous Cave Calcite and Goethite crystal is perfect for aligning each and every chakra from head to toe. As its name suggests, this piece was formed deep within a cave, much like that of stalactites. Its appearance is even similar to stalactites and it sparkles like them too! A soft purple hue peeks out gently from underneath the bright white surfaces of the crystallized formations - this is due to the presence of Goethite, an iron oxide mineral that can be found in multiple colors. Staying true to its name, this crystal is characterized by several deep caves that one can easily imagine jumping into and exploring. The back of the piece is completely flat and bubbly in texture.

Cave Calcite healing properties include mental clarity and efficient thought, grounding, spiritual transformation and growth, as well as decreases fear and stress.

Goethite healing properties include activation/balancing of the Root and Earth Star Chakras, eases grief during difficult times, connects you to the Earth and encourages more interest in protecting it, releases past life information and traumas.

Healing Properties Meditation

While sitting cross legged on a mat, or on the ground, take a deep breath and find every space in which your body is holding tension, or fear. The Cave Calcite/Goethite crystal resting in front of you. With your hands on your knees, roll your shoulders forwards and backwards to release stress and open up the flow of energy throughout your body. Gently move your torso in circular directions until you feel free. Then, take 3 deep breaths. Slow down your thoughts and your heart rate. Begin to feel yourself sink into the ground below you - your Root gets heavier and heavier. Red light activates at the base of your spine, then orange at the naval, yellow at the solar plexus, green at the heart, blue at the throat, indigo at the third eye, and violet just above the crown of your head. Actively spinning and glowing, these colorful lights represent the fully functioning flow of energy that is moving through your body. Continue to picture them and begin to envision the core of the Earth activating with vibrant light - it travels all the way up to your Root and permeates your system with white light. In your connectedness to the core of the Earth through activation of your Earth Star Chakra, you are divinely connected to Mother Nature and her nurturing peace encourages you to finally let go of what hurts you - what no longer serves you. Your awareness moves to the fact that you are safe and don't have to carry your pain anymore. The energy leaves your body through your Root Chakra, to be transmuted by the Earth into something positive and you make space for divine guidance to enter your being through your Crown. It is time for you to Breathe and Be Free. Open your eyes. <3

Release your pain and stand divinely guided, while maintaining a strong sense of groundedness by adding this piece to your collection and/or healing practice.


Dimensions: 7.3 x 3 x 2.77 in.

Weight: 717g