• The face of a brandberg amethyst, perfectly displaying its rich purple amethyst and clear quartz edges, held over a purple and white background.
  • Heady purples and clear facets of a brandberg amethyst presented in hand, in front of lush greenery, accenting its vivid purple hues
  • Smokey Quartz balanced with Amethyst Purples in this Brandberg Amethyst point displayed over a purple background
  • The sharp facets of a brandberg amethyst held over a white and purple background scattered with dried flowers.
  • The smokey grey's and vivid purple balanced perfectly in the tip of this brandberg amethyst, held in hand over a purple background.
  • The bottom matrix of a rich purple brandberg amethyst point.
  • Rainbow hued prismatic color captured glowing from the tip of a Brandberg Amethyst held in front of Vivid green leaves

Brandberg Amethyst Crystal of Pure Consciousness

Sorry, currently out of stock

Brandberg Amethyst is a rare, unique combination of powerful minerals, only found in one place on earth - Namibia's tallest mountain, "The Brandberg". These minerals are beneficial tools for the creative collector, master healer, and frequency amplifier within you. The Brandberg Scepter featured in Amarisland was chosen at the same time as this piece - both are ready to fulfill their purpose and guide you.

With its royal purples and smokey Phantom inclusions, this point can guide you through the deepest meditations - whether they be on, or beyond, this earthly realm. The grounding properties of Smokey Quartz, balanced by the amplifying characteristics of Clear Quartz, blended perfectly together with the calming properties of Amethyst makes for a powerhouse piece that will change your life.

Having this brandberg point in your home will elevate any shrine, increase the vibration of other crystals in your home, and assist you in deepening your appreciation for natural beauty. This stone has been unavailable for adoption until now, as it was part of Amaris' personal collection; however, she feels it is ready for a new journey home - it has been cleansed and charged, and awaits its opportunity to bring healing energy into your life.

Weight: 70g

Dimensions: 2 x 1.3 x 1.3 in.