Bisected Quartz Tower of Inner Worlds


This included Quartz and Smokey Quartz tower needed a plethora of photos to show every angle of its powerful existence. With rainbows and a mixture of minerals throughout, its energy is compounded into something otherwordly. Looking into this crystal invites awe, wonder, imagination, and magic into your mind's eye.

Rainbows are the result of inner fractures that occurred naturally during the formation of the crystal. Thus, it is said that rainbows are symbolic of the light and beauty that shines from our own inner hurts, should we choose to rise above, and grow from, them. Combined with the amplifying powers of quartz, this energy is given even greater strength, opening you up to important healing that you may not have experienced before.

Metaphysical Properties:

Quartz is widely known to be the 'Master Healer' of all crystals. It is believed to carry the ability to amplify all energy that exists around, and within, it. For this reason, it is useful to combine Quartz with your other crystals to enhance their healing properties. It is also excellent for clearing negativity and opening the door to spiritual growth and receptiveness.

Smokey Quartz is known for it Root Chakra balancing and grounding properties. It is useful in times of stress to bring you down to Earth and become stable in your existence. Fear and anger are no match for Smokey Quartz.

Allow this Quartz tower to heal your wounds, bring out your inner beauty, and remind you that you are SAFE here in this plane.

Weight: 238g

Dimensions: 71 x 56.5 x 39.5mm