• The Anxious Soul's Path to Infinite Growth

    I couldn’t breathe or get up from the floor. My body felt like it was under a wall of cement, restricting me from accessing any ounce of power I had to pick myself up. Mentally, I kept trying to stop the tears from pouring, but physically I could not. My mother sat next to me, almost in tears her... View Post
  • Meditate and Grow

    Join me on my YouTube channel for crystals, endless good vibes, and freedom of artistic expression!

    In this first video, I take us through a short meditation, share some insight, and discuss what Amarisland means to me! Enjoy!

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  • I'm Amaris, Welcome to my Wonderland

    I invite you into my world to connect with you beyond the magical crystals, handmade art, and colorful photography. Although these pieces of me are essential to Amarisland, they are but a small portion of the foundation in which my crystalline wonderland lays upon. Sharing energy, love, and in... View Post