What is Amphibole Quartz?

What is Amphibole Quartz?

Amphibole Quartz, aka Angel Phantom Quartz, is an incredibly rare and wildly beautiful crystal that can only be found in one place in Brazil. It is a special type of included Quartz that features minerals that are considered to be part of the Amphibole supergroup, making it a highly sought out and unique addition to any mineral collection.

The word 'Amphibole' comes from the Greek word 'amphibolos', meaning "ambiguous" - this name is likely due to the conglomerate of various inosilicate minerals that exist within. These minerals grow in prism, spray, or needle-like crystals composed of double chain SiO4 tetrahedra. They include Actinolite, Richterite, Tremolite, and Hornblende, plus Hematite, Limonite, Kaolinite, and Lithium. The colors (white, red, orange, yellow, brown, and green) and patterns present in Amphibole Quartz are a stunning treat for the crystal collector's eye. Most often, these patterns are reminiscent of wispy paint brush strokes, or plumes of smoke, and leave behind the imprint of crystals that were once forming long ago.

In the mineral world, these crystal imprints are known as 'Phantoms' and are considered to be the "ghosts" of the mineral kingdom. At one point in these crystals' history, a disruption occurred in their growth and new minerals washed over them, creating the opportunity for a brand new crystal to form around them. A variation in mineral composition allows for these crystalline ghosts to be visible to the naked eye.

What are the metaphysical properties of Amphibole Quartz?

Amphibole Quartz is believed throughout the metaphysical community to strongly influence the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, due to its angelic, wispy inclusions. This means that this crystal is useful for connecting to the Angelic Realms and opening oneself up to the guidance of ancestors and guides. It expands the consciousness and allows for spiritual growth to take hold so that the intuition becomes more highly developed. If we go deeper, however, we find that this crystal can be immensely useful in balancing the lower chakras, as well.

When the red and orange of Hematite, and yellow of Limonite, are present in Amphibole Quartz, its possesses the ability to balance out the Root and Sacral Chakras. In these Chakras is where many of us carry our childhood, or past life, traumas. These traumas impact us on a subconscious level and slowly seep out into our conscious lives. When our lower Chakras are blocked, we find that we lack balance and grounding. We cling to fear and shrink ourselves to stay small. When our lower Chakras are open and balanced, we radiate love, sexuality, creativity, stability, and high spirits.

Imagine utilizing the consciousness illuminating properties to inspire growth and movement away from your fears, towards your Highest Self. By shedding light on the darkest corners of your consciousness and the source of any instability, you allow for transmutation and healing to occur. This is why I believe Amphibole Quartz crystals are multi-faceted in their healing purposes, and don't need to be limited to the upper Chakras.

Additionally, when Phantoms are present, Amphibole Quartz is excellent for reaching into your past, especially past lives, and discovering the source of traumas so they can be healed. They remind you that it is okay to accept past versions of yourself and view them as building blocks on the path to becoming who you are now, and who you will be.

An Amarisland Amphibole Quartz Meditation

With an Amphibole Quartz in hand, sit or lay down in a quiet place. If you can, take 5 minutes to yourself, with little to no distractions. Close your fingers around the Amphibole and begin to rub them over its natural, rough and polished edges.

Sink into your breath. It begins to slow as you take longer and deeper breaths into your diaphragm. You become aware of the sensation of air flowing over the tips of your nostrils and the feeling of the crystal against your skin.

Relax your muscles and let go of any tension you are carrying - release your jaw, relax your tongue, drop your shoulders, and loosen your abdominals. Then, gently close your eyes as you continue to breathe.

Picture a thread of light rising up through your Chakras from your Root, all the way up to your Crown. It follows the pathway of your energy centers, encouraging them to begin rotating at a healthy and balanced pace. Imagine the thread breaking through stagnant energy, crumbling it into pieces that blow away in the wind, then replacing it with vibrant color. Envision thick tree roots growing from the base of your spine and connecting you to the core of the Earth. Long branches, full of healthy leaves grow from the crown of your head and secure your connection to the Angelic Realm.

Inhale and exhale - release a big sigh. Shift your awareness to the powerful Earth magic that resides within your crystal and recognize that you are made up of the same universal wonder and strength that birthed this gorgeous Earth treasure. You are a part of the universal consciousness that carries all the wisdom and answers you could ever need to reach your Highest Self.

Repeat these affirmations one after the other, at least 3-5 times, or as many times as you need until you believe.

  • I AM safe in my existence and grounded in my body.
  • I AM the epitome of LOVE and CREATIVITY.
  • I AM guided by the Divine wisdom of my Ancestors.
  • I AM pure UNIVERSAL LIGHT, boundless and free.

When you are done speaking the affirmations, take 3 deep breaths and gently open your eyes. Slowly release your fingers from the crystal and move your body delicately to encourage the active flow of fresh, revitalized energy through your body. Do your best to carry these affirmations and visualizations with you throughout your day, and witness your life and inner peace transform.

If you are in search of the perfect Amphibole Quartz crystal for your collection, you can find one right here on Amarisland!

Stay tuned for more crystal and mineral knowledge, and accompanying original meditations! You can also find more of my work on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter!

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